Millefleurs Magic Eggs!

Egg hunt11

What a glorious holiday to celebrate our first event at Cairnwood Estate!  Thousands of eggs were nestled in the grass for hundreds of children to discover.  Millefleurs was there with the golden eggs, which held the promise of a yummy bag of treats for the finder and a lovely bouquet of flowers for his or her Mommy!


Cairnwood did a fabulous job with their first egg hunt providing plenty of treats and a gorgeous setting on the back patio.  The weather was splendid as we always hope for on an Easter Sunday.


Todd Zimmerman was there snapping photos.  Many thanks to him for the great shots that he captured of our eggs and flowers.  Our egg tree sat on the main table of sweets and though not as sugary, the hanging eggs did look good enough to eat.  Many thanks to all the lovely folks at Cairnwood for including us in this marvelous event!

Egg tree 4



Images complements of Todd Zimmerman

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