Designer team Ilonka Comstock and Margaux St. Ledger are recognized and respected artists in the floral industry and have been honored with many awards reflecting that.

The expression, “two designers are better than one” certainly applies to this duo.  Margaux and Ilonka each have an individual style and approach that they bring to their artistry.  What takes their unique and spectacular work to the next level is the way their talents meld together and compliment each other so well.

Believing that the fine art of floral design is allowing the flowers, through color, tone, form, texture and character to shine, every event is breathtaking.

A native of Holland, Ilonka Comstock received her training in the Netherlands.  Margaux St. Ledger is a Fine Arts Major.  Both designers have studied techniques in the United States and Europe.

With the attention for every detail, this design team makes every dream a reality with fresh approaches, keen imagination and heartfelt inspiration.

The difference is in the details, with every client having the exclusivity of being the only event booked for their day.