Nace Gala

We had the best time at the big Nace Gala on Sunday night.  What a fantastic evening hosted by some of the most talented and “fun” event professionals in Philly:  Eventquip, where the event took place, transformed their facility into the most fab urban chic club feel and showed off their flashy (and huge) tent… Stephen Starr Catering, who served the most delicious meal from start to finish.  (I must admit the mini quesadillas were my favorite.)  Ric Rising kept everyone grooving on the dance floor and Evantine brought glamour & beauty to the table with florals.  And all this was made possible by the the tenacious Karen Pecora and her vision… go Karen… a great time was had by all.  Seen here is Ilonka Comstock & Keely Comstock from Millefleurs and extraordinaire event/cuisine designer Christopher Carlson.

IMGP7574-254x380 IMGP7576-254x380

Happy New Year… 2011!

Hello Friends,

Well here we are in 2011 and into our 2nd year with Millefleurs.  We did a lot last year in launching our new venture, website, etc… It has been terrific to establish ourselves in the Philadelphia area community of event specialists.  We were pleased to work at Cairnwood and the Curtis Center as well as doing the florals for the ISES Awards at the Annenburg Center of University of Pennsylvania.  We also teamed up with who is about to launch their own online wedding guide!  We continue to be a part of their very successful Restaurant Week on the Main Line.

Our New Year’s Resolution… well to do gorgeous florals is a given, but we aim to be diligent about our blogging in order to share the works that we do for our special clients, but also to offer great floral and event planning ideas as well.

See here in this post are some of the gorgeous florals from our December wedding at the Curtis Center, downtown Philadelphia.  Photography is courtesy of Lindsay Docherty.

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Millefleurs Magic Eggs!

Egg hunt11

What a glorious holiday to celebrate our first event at Cairnwood Estate!  Thousands of eggs were nestled in the grass for hundreds of children to discover.  Millefleurs was there with the golden eggs, which held the promise of a yummy bag of treats for the finder and a lovely bouquet of flowers for his or her Mommy!


Cairnwood did a fabulous job with their first egg hunt providing plenty of treats and a gorgeous setting on the back patio.  The weather was splendid as we always hope for on an Easter Sunday.


Todd Zimmerman was there snapping photos.  Many thanks to him for the great shots that he captured of our eggs and flowers.  Our egg tree sat on the main table of sweets and though not as sugary, the hanging eggs did look good enough to eat.  Many thanks to all the lovely folks at Cairnwood for including us in this marvelous event!

Egg tree 4



Images complements of Todd Zimmerman